NKR life sciences offers to the industry, a powerful resource for research and development. Holding group is nearly 15 years old having its presence in Pharma business. In order to strengthen our position in the supply of strategic products, NKR has taken the decision to step into specialty chemicals and intermediates manufacturing. We have a network of manufacturing plants and are able to offer long term co-operation to our customers and partners in outsourcing and toll manufacturing of strategic products.

Process Development

Isolation & Purification of Impurities

Metabolite Synthesis

Advanced Intermediates

Custom Synthesis

Impurities Profiling

Process Development

- Route of synthesis- optimization and validation
- Custom research and manufacturing process
- Scale-up & optimization Quantity : 1gm-1000kgs
- Commercial scale manufacturing services
- Multi step advanced intermediates for API’s
- Analytical method development and validation
- Impurity profiling.

Drug Development Support

- Synthesis of intermediates and related chemicals
- Scale up from lab to pilot and pilot to commercialization
- Synthesis of NCE and intermediates
- Synthesis building blocks and scaffolds

Reference Standards

- Several products involving multi-step synthesis
- Synthesis involves nine steps